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We are a young innovative company specialising in 3D printing.

With 3dSculptr.net, you can have yourself scanned by our 72 cameras fitted to 3 panels and then order a bust in your own image!


An original and exceptional gift

We recreate your digital replica, ie. your 3D lookalike, using our software, and then we print it with our 3D printers in full scale (1) or half scale ( ½).
The printing alone can take around 200 hours! We are not offering only miniature figurines, but also true and realistic replicas actually printed in full size!
Our printing service of 3D busts and portraits is suitable for everyone. You can duplicate those you love or simply duplicate yourself!


Keep a lasting memory of your loved ones

You will also be able to retain a truly lasting memory of your children before they change forever and become adults!
Likewise for grandparents, who, as we all know, are not eternal…
You may also wish to offer this exceptional gift to a work colleague who is dear to you. Is this person hardworking? In that case, order a double!! We digitise and print it for you with great precision and we offer the best quality on the market!

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