An innovative concept


Medusa is a famous figure from Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Medusa and the Gorgons had the power to turn mere mortals to stone with a single glance! Thereafter, only Roman emperors, kings or famous people were entitled to have their own statue…
But now everyone can have a statue of themselves (or of someone else) in full scale (1) or half scale ( ½)!

Today, we are really amongst the very first in the world to offer this service! Certainly, some companies are already printing small statues, but these are always miniatures and never full size… Our new concept is revolutionary… If you are adept at selfies, then simply imagine for yourself that what we are offering will somehow enable you to go one step further than a «selfie», in other words a «3D selfie»!


Are you ready to be duplicated?

Imagine too that no one can really see themselves, in 3D, as they really are. In other words, as seen from an external perspective. In fact, the mirror only offers an inverse reflection and on a screen you can only see yourself in 2 dimensions!

Moreover, seeing yourself, for real, for the first time and discovering your own face as it really is, can often be something of a shock! So, are you ready to experience this for yourself ??