How do we work ?


We photograph you quickly from every angle.

We arrange an apointment, either at our own premises or at your home or business. Our technician then scans you with 72 cameras (which are fitted to 3 panels equipped with 24 cameras each). This procedure only takes a few minutes.
He will then be able to reproduce your digital double using our 3D software and the finished result will be as lifelike and precise as possible. This task will take several days to complete.

Your face will be fully digitised

Once the virtual file is perfect, the printing of the bust or the face will be undertaken on one of the very latest high performance 3D printers. This printing process can take more than 200 hours!

Once the bust or portrait has been printed, the sculpture will be dyed all over in the colour of your choice. For this stage, we use a certified dyeing process which has been designed to withstand knocks and water for many years (please see videos below).

Then the sculpture is affixed to a beautiful pedestal (also selected by the customer) to ensure that it has all the allure, elegance and presence it deserves!

The final step is for us to ship the bust to your home (or we can arrange to deliver it directly to you ourselves) for your greatest pleasure and your greatest pride!

Our printers sometimes run for up to 200 hours in a row to print an actual size bust.

The finishing stage is very important. When it comes to dyeing our creations, we use a permanent  process which is non-film-forming / non-flaking and designed to resist knocks, UV rays and water.