Businesses / B2B


We are also happy to work B2B.

If you are involved in the fashion industry and the sale of clothing or accessories, then our expertise will enable you to enhance the display of your products on personalised busts in the image of a customer, a mannequin or a sports personality of your choice.

We can also scan and print other parts of the body to order, such as hands or feet for example.


Company logo printed in 3D

We are also happy to undertake other completely different projects on request. When it comes to events, for example, why not ask us to print your company logo in relief to make your stand more eye catching at exhibitions or simply to make the reception area of your business premises more attractive !

Our innovative high-end services will find equal favour in the luxury goods and communication sectors.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us now with details of your project !

Why not do like President Obama !